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Why mobile learning is a success as compared to desktop learning

With emerging technologies in education, mobile learning is becoming a normal occurrence of eLearning regardless of the learner’s age. For an eLearning project to be successful, it had to cater for mLearning.

Performance collaboration or support of an environment of eLearning, the mLearning has it all in one place. All you will require is to have your mobile device, and you will be on your way to taking your course on your favorite device, and it might become a great pastime.
Why is it that learners are getting motivated to browse through screens of mobile courses but it is not the same with desktop. The following are some takes on the same:
Shifts in patterns of learning
More learners now tend to prefer multimedia to stay engaged when in their learning environments, such as podcasts, videos, audios as well as microlearning or bite-sized learning while on the move. They like having more control over their sessions while learning, like having the freedom to select the module to complete first and which ones they can do later on.
Shifts in patterns of device use
The emerging technologies in educationwith things such as bring your device – BYOD have created a mobile-based learning environment. Technologies of education that are maturing as well as tools have added to the mobile device use in the capacity of learning the ease of use and development of apps for mobile learning, and the platform, among other tools for mobile devices, are contributing greatly to mLearning.
Shifts in the learner’s profiles
In any given organization, there are baby boomers, traditional learners, Gen Y, and Gen X. Most mobile learners prefer using smartphones and tablets for learning.
Shifts regarding mobile platform legacy courses
Old courses can be readily integrated into the platform of mLearning with less or no effort at all. With that, there will be a better learning experience which provides for flexibility for learners to be able to access all their course on their preferred device.

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