The cryptocurrency boom occurred in 2017, with the valuation growing exponentially in most of them and placing a part of the world population to crypto exchange. However, investing in cryptocurrencies is very risky, making anyone investing aware of the huge volatility of these assets.

The word “virtual” is defined as “not based on physical reality”, and all virtual currencies are those that cannot be used for the expenses in people’s real and daily lives. On the other hand, digital currencies are used to facilitate the payment of physical goods and services in real life, therefore, they have characteristics similar to those of a traditional physical currency.

Furthermore, digital currencies can be used to pay in physical establishments.In cryptocurrency systems, the integrity, security, and balance are guaranteed in the cryptocurrency exchange and in the accounts (accounts) of the people who, through a structured network of agents who verify (mistrust) each other called “miners”.

Most of them being a general public actively protecting the network (network) by maintaining a high rate of algorithm processing, to have a chance to get a small tip that is distributed randomly.

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